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Pax is a cloud-based CPA practice built to become your outsourced accounting team. Our goal is to step into your business’s persistent gap of finance people, process, and technology and transform it into one of your most valuable assets.

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we believe in simple

The key people in your organization shouldn’t be spending time coding transactions, paying bills, or running payroll, nor should they be struggling through your chart of accounts and financial reporting. As an ongoing, fixed fee accounting team, we support you from bookkeeping to CFO-level advisory at a fraction of the cost of internal hires.

Built for the cloud from day one, we use the latest technology to manage and report on your financial data in a way you can understand and use to grow your business.

accounting management

Instead of piecing your bookkeeping, payroll and bill pay services together from different vendors or employees, we can expertly handle all your day-to-day operations under one roof.

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advisory and cfo services

Our team of dedicated consultants can oversee financial and accounting functions, train staff on accounting best practices, develop cash flow improvement programs, provide scenario analysis, evaluate internal controls, and boost your financial strategy.

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a business sage at every stage

peace for every business

With over 40 years of combined experience, from multi-billion dollar global organizations to startups, we’re ready to free and empower you to focus on the missions and strategies most crucial to your organization.

app integration
accounting management
advisory / virtual cfo

you deserve more than a bookkeeper

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you wear a lot of hats and run lean. Because of this, you can’t afford NOT to have qualified accounting professionals supporting you. Why work so hard investing in your business but skimp on your financials? We’re your trusted advisors, and we bring you the strategy and freedom to grow your business with confidence.

“Pairing a passion for automation and technology with our diverse and extensive backgrounds, we’re ready to step into the “grey area” with you to bring the financial processes and maturity your organization deserves.”

jarrod randall – president

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