With Pax, you get experienced accountants who have worked with multi-billion dollar companies AND small businesses, who have done it all, and we offer all the ingredients together as a bundle to truly be your qualified outsourced accounting solution. Instead of piecing your accounting management together, let us handle your day-to-day operations under one roof, and provide insight into your financial data. It’s a recipe for peace.


You’ve heard the garbage in = garbage out saying, and managing your transaction data is no different. Reporting tools are great, but nothing matters if the underlying data is unreliable. Outsourcing your bookkeeping practices is a small change that can result in big changes in your stress level. Here’s how we can help.

  • We set up and maintain Xero or Quickbooks Online as your accounting system and manage integrations with other applications, like Square, Shopify, Stripe, and many other apps that are crucial to processing your financial data. We aren’t just accountants, we’re systems managers.
  • We manage recording of transactions in a timely and compliant manner, automating data entry partnering with apps like Receipt Bank. This enhances control over accuracy and cash management.
  • Since we are managing your accounting, we can provide timely and accurate reporting. This fuels our financial recommendations so that your business can make informed decisions and scale for the long haul.
  • We can also take over your payroll and make sure your employees and the government stay paid and in compliance, as well as save you countless hours you could spend elsewhere. Because we partner with Gusto to manage payroll, you no longer have to worry about payroll tax filings or liabilities. No more black holes of payroll, we make sure everything is integrated and synced in real-time.


This includes analyzing and applying accounting rules such as capitalization and realization, recording adjusting entries including but not limited to accruals, depreciation and prepaid amortization, and generally reviewing the general ledger accounts for compliance with applicable accounting guidelines and making appropriate changes if necessary.

basic monthly financial reports

We keep you in the the loop. This includes an account level balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and one-page financial snapshot.  These reports may also include comparisons with prior periods. If you need additional help making sense of what these reports mean, we have services available to assist you.

Give us 20 minutes and we can tell you how we can bring peace to your finances.

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