Have you ever thought about what amazing things you could be doing with your day instead of writing and mailing checks, or logging into multiple vendor sites to make payments? Managing accounts payable can become overwhelming even at the slightest stage of growth. Due dates get missed and cash flow management gets stifled by not optimizing terms, either paying too soon or too late. Let’s get past late fees and wasting time tracking down bills. Partnering with Bill.com, we can implement approval workflows and maintain the control and insight you need into payables, while freeing you up from having to manage and pay them.

payroll services

This includes processing payroll in the designated payroll application (preferably Gusto), including entering hours (when applicable) and pay adjustments, and running payroll cycles.  Also, Pax will be responsible for issuing form W2s. Client shall be responsible for HR activities such as employee onboarding, gathering of employee paperwork, and employee benefit administration (including the maintenance of benefit information within the payroll application).  Our rate is generally $30/employee, but may be adjusted depending on the frequency of pay runs.

accounts payable / bill-pay

This includes entering any invoices submitted into bill payment application (preferably Bill.com), making timely payments to vendors, monitoring that there is cash available to cover the payments, and researching payments as needed.  Also, Pax will be responsible for calculating and issuing form 1099s. Generally, AP will be run once a week on a day agreed upon by client and Pax. Client shall be responsible for submission of invoices in a timely manner (at least one week before due date).  Expedited or voided check fees will be passed through to your clients.


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