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Get your business and personal taxes done by a team of Professionals, starting at $749.

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Self-Employed + LLC Taxes
$ 749 and up

If you own your own small business, get your personal taxes done right.

  • Form 1040
  • One schedule C or Schedule E for business activity
  • Applicable State Returns Included

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Corporate Taxes
$ 1,199 and up

S-Corps and C-Corps get tax peace for a flat fee.

  • Form 1120 or 1120S
  • Related K1s or 1099-DIVs
  • Applicable State Tax Returns Included

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Business + Owner Bundle
$ 1,600 and up

For business owners who need both a personal and business tax return covered.

  • Form 1040
  • Applicable Business Return
  • Applicable State Returns Included

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Partnership Taxes
$ 1,199 and up

Perfect for partnership LLCs

  • Form 1065
  • Related k1s
  • Applicable State Tax Returns Included

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personal business owners

If you are a sole proprietor, or an owner in a partnership, LLC, or S-Corp, the IRS doesn’t tax your business, but instead requires you to file the net income or loss from that business on your personal taxes. We will handle everything you need to get your business and personal taxes filed accurately and compliantly while maximizing your tax savings. In addition, we will file your required state income taxes.

llc partnership taxes

If you own an LLC with partners, we will file your LLC (Partnership’s) taxes and provide the necessary forms for you and your partners to prepare your personal returns. We will also file your required state income taxes.

c-corp taxes

A C-Corp is a completely separate taxable entity from its shareholders. It pays tax on its net income, then its shareholders pay tax on the dividends they receive. Having accurate books ready at tax time is critical to make sure you aren’t paying more taxes than you should and staying compliant with the IRS. Small or large, we can help C-Corps do their taxes simply and with peace.

s-corp taxes

S-Corps have the benefit of not being taxed at the corporate level. Instead, the profits are allocated to the shareholders and taxed at the personal level. You’ll need to have a good handle on your income and deductions to ensure your shareholders don’t pay unnecessary taxes and keep their confidence. Don’t worry, we can help make this an easy process.

Also, many LLCs are treated as S-Corps for tax purposes. Ask us whether an S-Corp election for your LLC can save you significant money on taxes!

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It was a pleasure to work with someone as thorough, and professional as Jarrod!

Very professional, yet made everything easy for me to understand.

I have found Jarrod to be very knowledgeable and thorough. He will be an asset for you as your CPA.

Jarrod has been great! I’m a realtor/ property investor in Nashville and he’s been very helpful and knowledgable with all of my real estate related transactions!

I found Mr. Randall to be extremely helpful as I navigated some financial transitions. He was knowledgeable and took time to answer my many questions so that I had a clear understanding of my options. I highly recommend him.

Jarrod is a true professional. Courteous, caring, trustworthy, intelligent, and keeps your best interest in mind. I am newly self-employed and in the dark when it comes to taxes and finance management. Jarrod set me on the right path and I rest assured knowing that my family’s finances are being taken care of properly and by the book. Can’t recommend him highly enough.